Toby Hilden

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My name is Toby, I'm a proud father of an awesome 8 year old daughter that likes singing, puppies and Teen Titans cartoons. I'm also an artist, runner, Krav Maga student and a Web producer—I live and work in San Francisco.

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Toby Hilden Sample Websites

I have been a web producer and production artist for the last 10 years. I have worked in small start-ups, large companies and ad agencies. I am currently contracting with Oracle. I have some examples of the web production work posted here.

Toby Hilden Runners Mixtapes

When I began running, I would create ipod playlists of motivational songs to keep me moving forward. As the months went on, these playlist became more complicated continuous mixes I put together using DJ software. My standard formula is early 90's progressive house, electronic, hip hop and, nerdcore.

Evil Puppethead

During the peak of the 90'a music scene, I created and sold a private label clothing line. Evil Puppethead Products was the perfect blend of high fashion, nihilism and whimsy. Back by popular demand, I've retooled and rebooted the old t-shirt designs and served them up on Cafepress.