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Burningman: Year One.

As Grant and I advanced up the dusty road in a rented suburban, Kruder and Dorfmister K & D sesssions was playing in the car stereo. You heard the psychdelic and ya came from miles...
Grant said, they have their of radio stations out here. We turned of the CD, and the last blurb we heard on the radio from the real world, was the announcement that Prinessess Di had been killed in a car accident.

Even after we arrived in Black Rock City, I was still dubious and not sure of what to expect. I was thinking, whats the big deal ? They just set this thing on fire, right ? A few hours later, after a day time reconnotier of the burn site, my mind was slowing being, blown.
I was fasinated by the energy of the artists. How they built masterpeices and momunments hauled them up here in the middle of nowhere, we people could enjoy them for only a short life span They were building the foundation for the future in the sand.
I wandered the playa and saw lots of cool things that day a 40 foot phallic symbol , BIG ASS van with fins and other art cars.
In the evening, we gathered at the hotsprings, a previlege that was no longer allowed in the following years...

Then, after the sun went down, I became hypnotized by chaos...the anticipation of the BURN was intoxicating. As we approached the central area where the others were gathering, I felt I should have be wearing a tuxedo. It was a thousand new years eves...
When the TOWERING FIGURE was finally LIT... there where many tiny explosions...as the neon tubing and packed fireworks melted...
A flare that was supposed to launch into the sky...
shot directly into the crowd.
The roar of the citizens sounded like: Crashing Ocean Waves
next, when the superstructure was engulfed and consumed by breathing fire
our roar grew and became a singular scream.
The force of our voices and the weight of the
flames was more than The Man could
with stand... and the
figure collapsed.

It was the most compelling thing I have ever seen,
and I don't have the slightest idea of what it meant.