3-D Art

Klingon bird of prey

Klingon bird of prey

The iconic Star Trek battleship. Futuristic retro design, lime flavored.

M2019 Blaster

Like most nerds, I think the Blade Runner Pistol is wicked cool.
Disclaimer: Guns are bad and I don't advocate replicant extermination.

Pirate musket

I've reworked my old musket model with new focus on UV mapping and texture. I think it looks better than my previous version and the poly count was reduced considerably.
Disclaimer: guns kill pirates.

Retro Iron Man

I made a version of Iron Man and one of my first characters. I was going for a retro Jack Kirby feel, but it ended up looking like a disco Bender the Robot. The blocky design also made this a good texturing exercise.


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