Iron Giant head Resin Cast

One of the most valuable skills my father taught me was how to make paper mache. I used it in grade school, college and to this day.

Paper mache worked great for the build up and form of the sculpture, but even after several detailed layers and a coat of coating resin, I wasnt able to get the smooth surfaces and sharp edges I wanted. I tried something different for the final layer...Vinyl spackling paste.

Spackle is not as hard to work with as bondo. Hardens more evenly and more consistent than clay. A bit brittle though. When the head prototype is done, I'll make a silicone mold and cast it in resin.

Next step is to cover the original in several layers of liguid silicone to create a glove mold. This picture was taken half way through the thrid layer.

Then, a 2 piece removable support shell is created, I used white hyrodcal plaster and ridged wrap.

Once the support shell is finished, the idea is... take it all apart, turn the glove mold inside out, pop out the oringal, put it back together and cast it resin. Piece of cake, right?

Probably the most challenging casting project to date. Three attempts later, I have an intact resin copy of my original. It looks pretty much like the original from Step 2, but it is hollow and light weight.

Next step, finishing texture and details...

Iron Giant Head


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